Tello Edu App - Drone control and programming education APP

Help your kids to conquer the future sky!

Conquering the sky has always been a human dream.
As the child's first tool to conquer the sky, the excellent Tello Edu aircraft is definitely your best choice! With a full range of teachings of the TELLO EDU App, Tello Edu is not only an aircraft, but also the best flight learning companion for your child!

Why is it called the TELLO EDU?

"TELLO EDU" had received official license from the RYZE technology and Tello Edu UAV program education solution is designed for elementary and junior-high school children. It has the following characteristics:

Full support for Tello and Tello Edu drones

As the official Tello educational software, Tello Edu App not only supports common drones, the Tello Edu App provides assistance for the unique features of the Tello Edu Education UAV, including the landmark maps for recognition and the skipping function between the landmark maps, as well as the wonderful multi-machine flying formation. You can enjoy fun from this App control no matter which Tello type you buy!

Training children to acquire a sense of space

We provide 3-Dimension virtual space, allowing children to adapt to the operation of 3-Dimension objects as early as possible, in preparation for contact with virtual and augmented reality.

Cultivating children’s observation skills

3-Dimension virtual levels require all rounded 360-degree observation in order to solve problems smoothly. We train your child in terms of careful observations and develop the habit of observing prior to taking action

Elevating children’s logical thinking

We provide a graphical interface for the children to learn the basic program syntax from stacking blocks, such as sequences, discriminating, and looping. Their minds will be activated through familiarization of the virtual stages!

Strengthening children's patience

Success is accumulated through the constant experience of failure, which is the same path when it comes to writing programs. We provide a "step-by-step instruction" program execution so that the child can see where the failure is. When they correct it immediately, they will finally taste the happiness of success!

This provides a parent-child exchange learning opportunity.

The virtual checkpoints in the middle and late stages are quite difficult even for some adults. During this time, the parents and the teachers can join in appropriately, guiding the children to move forward. This will help bilateral learning, as well as improving the relationships between parents and kids.

Evaluating children's learning ability

We have designed 6 abilities in order to provide assessments of the children's ability to pass the stages from learning. The children's skill scores grow as they pass more stages. The more stages they pass the more they will grow.

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